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Інженерія / Архітектура
Serge Kosolovskiy

Serge Kosolovskiy

Architectural Designer / Technologist
Odessa, Odes’ka Mis’krada


Про Serge Kosolovskiy:

Architectural Designer / Technologist with deep knowledge and understanding of architecture, design and construction documentation and processes, with rich international experience, proficient in AutoCAD, Revit, Enscape, Rhino+Grasshopper 3D, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign seeking creative role with Interhabs where I can use my knowledge and innovative approaches to create an outstanding architectural design.

Eligible work in Canada.

Досвід роботи

Resort & Residence Design, Cambodia, Vietnam, Ukraine                                                                            2017 – Present

Senior Architect

  • Innovated and implemented the principles of algorithmic design and modeling with the help of Rhino-Grasshopper 3D, which accelerated the creation of complex building shapes to up to 10x faster.
  • Created and established the design guidelines for the headquarters and a chain of branches of a new bank which made the bank style recognizable and allowed it to conduct a planned aggressive entrance into the market. 
  • Expanded the company’s portfolio with master planning and landscape design services with the use of innovative software and in-depth market analysis, ultimately increasing the number of tenders won by the company by 50%.


SPACElogic International (Cambodia) Co., Ltd, Cambodia                                                                2015 – 2017
Senior Architect and Design Team Lead

  • Introduced the meaning and principles of a ‘projects’ idea’ to the team which led to brighter and more meaningful project solutions
  • Added residential project designs to the company profile using my international experience that increased the volume of the projects won by the company by 20%.


YA Holding Group, Ukraine                                                                                                                    1997 – 2015
Senior Managing Architect

  • Created and co-led a successful design department from scratch for 17 years, continuously building a knowledge base, improving the workflow and growing together with the company from a junior designer to the senior managing architect; helped push the company to the leading position in the design-and-build market in the field of luxury residential projects and to constant growth of the number of projects (tripled in some years).
  • Introduced and implemented American standards of design into the company’s design workflow that led to controllability of processes and to a reduction in design time by 200%.


DiLeonardo International, USA                                                                                                                          1997
Designer Assistant / Draftsman

  • Introduced the use of design software for architectural presentations which led to a 30% acceleration in design processes and the ability to create a computer-based library of textures and materials.


Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Ukraine 

Master of Architecture

  • Scholarship for A-marks (1990-1997)

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Професіонали з того ж сектору Інженерія / Архітектура, що і Serge Kosolovskiy

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