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Dariya Lopukhina

10 months ago

How to Learn and Retain Chinese Vocabulary

Learning vocabulary plays a vital role in mastering Chinese. It’s also important to find a way to mitigate the “forgetting curve”, i.e. retain the words you learned before in the long-term memory. · Basically, there are two main methods of memorizing Chinese vocabulary: associa ...

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Struggling With Digital Transformation: How to Get Back on Track

Despite widespread acknowledgement that businesses need to embrace digital transformation, 59% of companies find themselves at a “digital impasse” and are struggling to fully embrace digital change. Fear of failure and taking risks is holding businesses back, preventing digital i ...

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Dariya Lopukhina

3 years ago

Ecommerce Website: Coding from Scratch or Using a CMS

Turnkey ecommerce platforms, why not? · One of the questions that rises when starting an ecommerce website is selecting the technology stack and two main options are using a CMS platform or coding a fully custom ecommerce site from the ground up. · The hosted ecommerce platforms, ...

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