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Andrii Bychev

Andrii Bychev


Пропоновані послуги: Графічний дизайн , Експерти з Adobe Illustrator , Проектування користувальницького інтерфейсу , NFT Art , Концепції / Ідеї / Документація , UI UX дизайнери , Художній напрям , Програмний інтерфейс , Експерти Adobe Photoshop

Kropyvnytskyy, Кіровоградська область
€25 / година
Орієнтовна ставка


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Про Andrii Bychev:

I am an experienced graphic designer with 14 years of experience in
the gaming industry. My work focus is on UI/UX and game graphics. I
am enthusiastic and focused on both the result and the user requests
of the players. I have good ar tistic taste, as well as deep knowledge
in the field of game ar t and its development processes.

Досвід роботи

- Development of graphics for casual, social and AAA class games.
- Good artistic taste
- Able to draw by hand and on a tablet and use various styles of
- Develop a common style of the game (interface, icons, illustrations,
locations, game content, etc.).
- Able to make animation of game elements in Adobe Flash, Unity,
Dragon Bones.
- Develop UI/UX (from the layout to the final result). Create and
maintain up to date UI-Kit, design system. Integration of the prefabs
into the game engines. Develop corporate documentation related to
- Experienced art department manager/art director.
- Ability to select executors for the project (preparation of the test
tasks, evaluation of the results, do trainings for beginners).
- Developing of the corporate documentation for the production of
game graphics content.
- Preparation of technical tasks and feedback, supervision of quality at
all stages of production. Preparation of the statistics of the scheduled
and rendered content. Control of relevance of the final versions.
Synchronize the work of employees on cross-cutting tasks. Defining of
the priorities and motivation of the performers.
- Able to plan my personal and team activities. I can easily convey my
point of view, set clear goals and control their implementation.
- Ability personally to carry out unfinished art work, in cases of
absence of the performer or impossibility of


EDUCATION Graduate, juridical
Educational institution
NUVD (2006)
a specialty - jurisprudence

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